Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cowboy Drabble

“CRAP!!!” Vaughn yelled stepping in a pile of horseshit and sliding across the drive.

Zane came bolting out the screen door.

"I'm fine," Vaughn’s new $200 Diesel jeans were ripped and covered in manure.

Zane raised the jeans to check Vaughn's leg; it was only scratched. Zane noticed he didn’t recognize the jeans Vaughn was wearing, rolling the pant leg down he gave Vaughn a stern look, “Where did those jeans come from?”

“Ummm,” Vaughn realized his new jeans were ruined and would soon be around his ankles, with Zane’s hand showing what happens to cowboys who overspend at Nordys.

This was written for a Corner Time Reflections National Day of the Cowboy Drabble Challenge.

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