Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mr. McGregor the Top

Title: Mr. McGregor the Top
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Zane and Vaughn

“It wasn’t my fault,” Vaughn said with a pout.

“Did you set the rabbit loose in the garden or not?” Zane applied a swat to the younger man’s butt.   

“We’re out of rabbit food, and you said I couldn’t go into town.”

Zane rolled his eyes.  “You could have put some veggies in his pen—then he might not have torn up the vegetable patch.”

Vaughn softly ran his hand over the bunny’s ears.  “You shouldn’t have threatened to make him into stew.”

“We need something for dinner since he ate all the vegetables.”

Vaughn returned Cottontail to his pen.  “Meany.”

*Written for the Writing Lines Spring 2010 Drabble Challenge*